July 25, 2007

Our funny wee boy!!!!

Mitchell is entering a competition for a "chef movie" coming up soon, where he has to enter in a recipe with a picture of himself cooking it. He really wants to win!!!
So as you can see he did it French theme, sound effects and everything. Very entertaining!

July 24, 2007

Trip to Auckland

I thought I would upload a few pictures from our trip to Auckland.

The highlight for the kids was Ice skating. We also took the kids to the zoo and we were able to feed the giraffes.

Ice skating

The boys found some bubble bath for the spa bath!

July 21, 2007

Here Goes

I have finally managed to get around to creating a family blog so our extended family and friends are able to catch up with our life....given that is is usually busy, this may not be updated as often as I would like! Jason is in Hamilton for hockey today, it is raining, and this is a really good excuse of why the house work can wait.

I had a birthday two days ago and decided it would be more fun spent with family, so we went to my parents for the weekend. Managed to fit in a movie and lunch at a cafe, grandparents are great.

Tune in for more from us!