February 23, 2012

More Progress

Well, we are a few days off our court petition heading to Russia.  I am hoping we get a court date soon, I am so missing those little boys.   We will possibly only get one visit with the boys when we go back for our next trip (trip #2).  Then 30 days after court we will be heading back to Russia pick them up (trip #3).  So now that it is getting close we are all getting very excited.
We have not had any update on the boys since we visited them in Oct/Nov, so we are wondering how much they have grown and if they are walking yet.

We still find it such a shame that because of the law change in January, we have the 3rd trip on top of everything, we were expecting to take the boys home on trip 2.  But I also know that one day it will all be a distant memory and they will be home.

Vladivostok is still in winter, at temperatures most New Zealanders would never have experienced, so we maybe in for a bit of a shock with the weather side of the next trip.  Be a great time to see Russia.

I have had a few people offer to help financially, and I have finally got around to setting up a "Chip In"  donations place on the blog.  This is for those that are as excited as we are about these boys having a family.  We know that every $5/$10/ etc will help hugely.  So thank you for helping us in this big adventure we are on, and easing the financial load.
To a few friends, I know you don't have paypal, so just email me and I will give you the adoption bank account.