January 22, 2014

A Year Later .....

One year ago, after so many complications, I boarded my 4th flight to Russia, to pick up our new son.  We had been through so much in those two years leading up to this point, to actually be at the stage of bringing him home was amazing.

This time I was on my own because finances were tight, (did I mention I don't like flying) but I had my eyes fixed on the prize.

Our boy was happy the first few days in Russia, but each day I could see his fear and anxiety grip him, (and it still does at times), to a point where he was so scared that I would leave him, he had to be on my knee in the bathroom.  He was an extreme velcro baby.
Leaving the orphanage

At the hotel

One very hungry boy 
His Old life and room 

Car trips were hard for him, being two and never having travelled, he vomited each time, and just look sea sick. 

I brought a few snacks with me from home to keep him going on the 21 hours of flying and three airports, but at age two, he couldn't chew food, he had never had the opportunity to use the muscles in his mouth in this way.  The airline also forgot to put food on the flight for him (an ex-orphan!!).
He cried on and off almost the whole flight home, not having ever slept anywhere except a cot, he didn't know what to do with himself.  I was so blessed to have a lovely lady take an interest in him, and rock him for half an hour to give me a break.  Each airport, a good samaritan would notice me and get luggage off the carousel for me.

A few photos of this year:

He arrived knowing Russian
Not verbalizing anything
Not being able to chew or drink properly
having to be carried everywhere so he felt safe
scared of animals, especially dogs
Not able to trust, which affected everything

The first half year was tough for him as he:
learnt a new language, and literally will not stop talking!!
learnt to trust we were here to stay and wouldn't leave him
Learnt that food was going to always be available.
And obviously the biggest, Learning to be part of a family.
Fell in love with his doggy too :)
Sings all the time, especially about the weather haha

He is happy most of the time, but I couldn't resist putting a grumpy one in too haha

So happy Adoption (forever family) day little man, I am so proud to be the mama of such a cute, loud, snuggly little guy, with a great sense of humor.  You are more wonderful, and perfect for us that we imagined.  Love you xxx

March 12, 2013

6 weeks home

Just an update on Little Mr A.  It is hard to believe after all the waiting and ups and downs of the 2 year  adoption journey, that he has been home 6 weeks already.

The transition period is always hard on everyone, but he is doing really well all things considered.  He is a completely different child to the one we visited in Russia 3 times.  He didn't really make noise and was really scared and shut down.  We thought we were getting a shy introverted child, but NO!
He is really funny, loud as loud, and full of energy.  He is ALL boy, as well as being really affectionate and sweet.

He is starting to believe that food is always available, and isn't so scared of not getting enough to eat.  He doesn't like to be put down at all, but that is slowly improving too.

We are just so happy to have him home.

He likes to pull faces

February 8, 2013

We are HOME!!!

I have been quiet for a while because of all the issues regarding Russ*an adoptions at the moment.

But here is the Short version:
Well a lot went on before we met our little boy, but that is in earlier posts of my blog. http://weavingthroughlife.blogspot.co.nz/2011/11/back-from-russia.html  http://weavingthroughlife.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/part-of-our-dream-is-over.html

In August my husband and I meet our little boy.  We haven't really thought it would actually happen after loosing the twins.  When he walked in the room, I was sure I wanted this child, but it was too good to be true.  It was our last effort to try and adopt again, if this failed we were emotionally done.

 When we went on the second trip to attend court in December, we took our youngest to meet her little brother.  We had hated leaving her on all the other trips, and it was great for her to process what was going to happen.  She had a great time and played in snow for the first time.  It was -25 on the day we arrived.  The best part of the trip was the judge said yes!  The bonus of the trip was we had a whole day to wait in Hong Kong on the way home and went to Disneyland.

The last trip I had to go on my own because of the expense.  This trip was pretty hard on my own.  He really struggled on the 3 flights, poor wee thing.  One airline (11 hour flight) forgot to provide food for him and I had booked a seat for him too.
 It is soooo good to finally after 2 years have him home.  We are surprised that the quiet introvert child has turned in to a loud mouth and has quite the sense of humor.  He is a valcro baby at the moment but is getting more secure each day.  And we are VERY grateful to have him home.

Outside the orphanage

Outside the orphanage
Seeing our little boy for the first time

He started warming up, very scared boy

This is the trip to court to legally become the parents of Alexander

Arriving at the airport at night

Orphanage playground in Snow

Chanel at the hotel, nearly Christmas time

Chanel meeting her new brother to be


His cot second from the wall

Ice fishing on the frozen sea

Waiting to leave Vladivostok

Arriving at Hong Kong waiting to go to Disneyland

Arrived home just before Christmas.  
This is our Russian Christmas village.
 Trip Three (technically 4) which his new mum made on her own.

dressing him ready to leave the orphanage

In the hotel

Finally Home and loving it!!

First Plum off the tree

Meeting one of his grandparents

First trip to the beach

Brother and sister