August 27, 2012

We're Here

Here is just a quick update on our trip.  We arrived to our hotel at about 3 pm, and then at 6pm, we went to have a Russian style BBQ at Living Hope Vladivostok.  It was great meeting all the kids, and a neat kiwi family that are staying there with their three children, helping at living hope for a month.

Bit disappointing we don't get to meet the child today, not sure why, but tomorrow is the day.

It is surreal being back, mixed bag of emotions really.  The good thing is, because this is the second trip, we are very relaxed and know where everything thing is and how things are mostly done.  We have meet three other couples at the hotel who are either meeting there children, going to court and one that is getting her wee boy today.  Very exciting.

August 23, 2012

Nearly There :)

Well, after a chaotic few weeks, we are nearly ready to go.  We have had lawyers, flights, ballet exams, our son rushed to hospital, husband sick, on top of trying to get ready to go, aahhh.
I hate leaving my kids so much, it's particularly hard with the little one, expecially when she asked me today if I will come back, poor little thing.

Things I am excited about:

Meeting this new little person
Catching up with the 4 families who are traveling at the same time as us and staying at the same hotel.
Hopefully some relaxing involved??
Getting this process started again.
Seeing Rachael, Durham and Olive from

So it is 12 hours to go before we travel to Auckland to begin a new journey, hopefully I will be able to post while we are there.

I came across this post by an adoptive mum, and it made me laugh because of how true it is!

August 11, 2012

Off To Russia!!!

It is hard to believe it has been nearly 10 months since we did trip one to Russia.  We are really excited to say we have had a referral come through, and we are leaving in less than two weeks to go and meet ????.  If you don't know what a referral is, it is a child/children that have been matched to your family for adoption.  

Timeline from now:

August 2012 trip one to meet the 'referral'

Lots of waiting

Trip two to go to court and be granted custody, fingers crossed

30 days later, trip 3 to pick up and bring them home.

This has been a long journey for our family, we are hopeful this time it will happen.

August 3, 2012

Adoption Vladivostok "2nd time lucky"?

Well, ALL and I do mean ALL of our adoption paper work is expiring this month in Russia, so we have started at the beginning with it all, getting all the documents ready, notarizing, and of course hoping they arrive on time.  We have adopted from China before, but paper work for a Russian adoption is a whole other story.  

It feels surreal being back at the beginning of the process again.  It has been nearly a whole year since we meet the boys we were meant to adopt, and then lost.  Hard to believe where the time has gone.   We are hoping to hear good news soon, have been saying that for a while now.  We are in a really good place, but it is hard waiting, it has been soooo long, and we are really excited to be adopting again.  So many families who were a few months behind us in the process have returned with their children, and we are still patiently waiting :).   I love seeing all those gorgeous kids coming home to their families, and watching them blossom after only a month or two.  This was our little girl when we meet her and then a month later.  So love seeing their little personalities coming out.