August 23, 2012

Nearly There :)

Well, after a chaotic few weeks, we are nearly ready to go.  We have had lawyers, flights, ballet exams, our son rushed to hospital, husband sick, on top of trying to get ready to go, aahhh.
I hate leaving my kids so much, it's particularly hard with the little one, expecially when she asked me today if I will come back, poor little thing.

Things I am excited about:

Meeting this new little person
Catching up with the 4 families who are traveling at the same time as us and staying at the same hotel.
Hopefully some relaxing involved??
Getting this process started again.
Seeing Rachael, Durham and Olive from

So it is 12 hours to go before we travel to Auckland to begin a new journey, hopefully I will be able to post while we are there.

I came across this post by an adoptive mum, and it made me laugh because of how true it is!

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Tracy said...

Thinking of you! Have a safe trip!