July 18, 2011

Home Land Visit



I can't believe how fast this year has gone, and that it is a week and a half till we leave for China.  We are taking Jasmine back to see her country for the first time since she was 16mths, which she is so excited about.  We are leaving on the 29th July and flying in to Shanghai, where we will spend a few nights.  We are then taking the train (yes a chinese train) from Shanghai to Shangrao (Jiangxi province) where Jasmine Qing Shan was born.  This will be REAL China for sure, well for 4 nights it will be.
When we adopted her we were not allowed to travel there to meet her, they bought her to the capital Nanchang where we were staying, so this will be the first time we actually see her home town as well.  We will get to visit the Orphanage there (which they charge for!) and she will meet the nannies who looked after her.   We are also going back to Nanchang to stay in the hotel where they handed Jasmine to us, so that she can see all these 'landmark' places that make up her story.  After Nanchang we are flying to Hong Kong for two nights before coming home, and having some fun.  Hopefully Ocean park of Disney Land, and of course Markets!
I am not sure what this will all be like traveling with our youngest Chanel, hopefully she will be a trooper, but she is so fussy with food.

Ocean Park

July 12, 2011


Well our Homestudy has been completed by our social worker which is great, so hopefully the National office who are checking it all, won't have too many questions.  We are now back in to full on paper work for the agency part, trying to get this done before we leave for China this month.  It is at really nice to be at this stage, we feel like we are moving now.

July 5, 2011

So Excited!!

These last two days have been so exciting, and we have made some giant leaps forward in our adoption.  We have been told that our social worker will finnish our assessment/home-study on Friday.  So all going well, we should have all the documents to the NZ agency who finds us a child match, before our holiday to China (before 3 weeks).  So we have literally gone from snail pace to high speed.

A person from NZ has just gone to Russia to meet her children, and her application was only with the agency for a month before, so we could be going a lot sooner than we thought.
Watch this space!  

July 4, 2011

Sister Love

My youngest two girls are such monkeys together.  I had was putting them to bed and heard a lot of giggling coming from Chanels room.  It was worth a photo or two.  They look rather pleased with them selves.
The monkeys after they were caught