July 5, 2011

So Excited!!

These last two days have been so exciting, and we have made some giant leaps forward in our adoption.  We have been told that our social worker will finnish our assessment/home-study on Friday.  So all going well, we should have all the documents to the NZ agency who finds us a child match, before our holiday to China (before 3 weeks).  So we have literally gone from snail pace to high speed.

A person from NZ has just gone to Russia to meet her children, and her application was only with the agency for a month before, so we could be going a lot sooner than we thought.
Watch this space!  


Danielle Gordon said...

Great news!! excited for you all! Looking forward to hearing news of a referral!

Danielle Gordon said...

Great news! Excited for you all and looking forward to news of a referral!

Trisha and Jim said...

Seems that is always the case; wait, wait, wait, rush, rush! Hope everything continues to move along swiftly.