April 18, 2012

She LOVES to sing

This video is kind of for the grandparents who find this cute, but enjoy anyway.  My three year old loves to sing.  There are not many days when she isn't singing her way around the house.  She told me today "Mummy I like being cute".

Life at the moment for her is about, princess dresses, soft toy puppies, dancing and baking, having her brothers and sisters serving her, haha.
She asks me a lot lately, about having a new brother or sister, she is very excited about a new child/children joining her family, and told me the other day that she will share her mum and dad with them, which is kind of cute really.

I am finding taking photos of the older kids a challenge, they get to the stage of not really wanting them.
So more will follow sometime of the boys.

April 11, 2012

Easter Fun

We had a great Easter break, but it always goes so quickly.

It all started with a bit of retail therapy and dinner with the girls, while Jason took one of the boys to the movies.

 Finishing the long weekend with a great day walking around Mt Maunganui, and eating ice creams on the beach.  Haven't felt this relaxed in ages.

April 5, 2012

Just Musing

Well, we have done a LOT of crying over the last few weeks, and a LOT of talking.

We are so sad to loose the boys, but are hoping they have a family that loves them.  We are trying to look at the positives, and the big one is being able to grow up in their own country.  
This is really closing the chapter on this part of the journey, and opening up a totally different one.  We will always think and pray for those two, they are part of our journey.  

You can't replace children, even with a miscarriage, when a person tries again, it is never to replace the one that was lost, but we have got to a point that we are looking forward to starting again, and hoping we don't have to wait for a long time.  

So this is the start of a new journey for us.
We are trying to have lots of fun time as a family at the moment, now that we don't have a looming court date coming up.   Although we have the cost of another trip to Russia, it has eased the financial load.  It is crazy how things work, after we lost the boys we had the money we needed come in.  Go figure!

Hopefully we have some good news to share soon xx