December 1, 2008

Update on kids and family

Well this has been an incredibly busy year for us! Jackson was selected to play Representative Hockey for Tauranga, which meant being out of town most weekends for winter.
Jackson's activities are, Hockey, swimming, Drama, athletics, youth group

Mitchell's activities are, Electric guitar, Drama, athletics, youth group, swimming and skateboarding.

Annabelle's activities are, Violin, horse riding, swimming, Drama and athletics

Jasmine's activities are, Drama, athletics and she is still deciding whether to do ballet or gymnastics.

August 28, 2008


Well life is certainly busy!
I thought I would get to this regularly, but no such luck. Here are some photos of the kids over the last couple of months doing some activities.

April 28, 2008

Homeschooling Athletics Day

A few weeks ago the kids had an athletics day with a lot of the homeschoolers her in Tauranga. They really loved it.

Jackson's Science Experiment

We all loved this experiment, with all the ingredients in the bottle blowing up the balloon. The colour of the liquid also turned from pink to blue while it was happening. Very cool!

Annual China Adoption Get-together

In February families from around New Zealand gathered in Papamoa, Tauranga, to bring all our Children who have been adopted from China together. The weekend was really great, and so nice to especially have the family's who traveled with us, back together for the first time since our trip to China. Some of the girls had not seen each other since then.

These are the girls from Jiangxi who were adopted at the same time as Jasmine.

Jasmine's Gymnastics

Jasmine's passion is Gymnastics. She has completted one term and they have put her up a grade already because she is doing so well. She has been doing forward rolls since she could walk!

At the Park In Auckland

Just a few pictures of our trip to Auckland, Dad thought he was a bit of a hero I think! He certainly made us laugh.