August 30, 2007

Forever family day!!!

Well this was our third year celebrating Jasmine's arrival into our family. She is such a wonderful little girl, and so special. Sometimes we look at her and wonder what we did to deserve such a gift.

Jazz was looking forward to her adoption day celebration so much and ended up getting a bad cough and temperature, and falling asleep for the whole event! Poor wee we have promised that when she feels better we will do it again.

We love you Jasmine QingShan Weaver!! xoxoxxo

This is Jasmine's special friend who spent the first year with her, before she joined our family.

After a shower with mummy in the morning and one funny hairdoo later, we were feeling much better!!

Annabelle's horse

Ok so we are crossing our fingers with this wee guy....he sounds like a dream (don't they all), but we went to visit him and he was really great. Very willing to do what he was told, and just loved being with the kids. He was obsesed with Jasmine. His only fault is that he is so overweight, so he is oficially on a diet. We get him on Friday.

Our new goat

This is our new goat. She was only a week old when we go her, so the kids are bottle feeding her which makes them very friendly. This was a really cute day, Ruby the goat was playing like another "kid" and didn't want to stop.........I don't think the other kids wanted to stop either.

This is my favourite photo of the kids! I just wish you could have heard the absolute joy squealing from Jasmine! So cute.

August 11, 2007

Our Mad Cow

Ok....seriously, we have a strange cow! She is always trying to toss my chair around and this time the chair fought back! It was really funny, and just by chance we caught it on Video. The cow was rescued by one of our employees, so don't worry.

The YouTube video link is worth a watch.

Mad Cow!!

A Day Out At Hockey.

Mitchell was asked to play all day Friday in a Hockey 11 a side tournament. They won their first game and lost three. While he was playing, Jackson helped sell and cook sausages, and two of the cutest customers I caught on camera.

This was one of Jackson's best games, and this is a magnificent'dive' to prove it. Hence to say he is a bit sore today!

The girls found a few ways to entertain themselves!

August 4, 2007

Annabelle's Violin

Earlier in the year, Annabelle had her first violin concert. This is her playing after 10 lessons.
We have managed to get her lessons in the suzuki method, which is great.
Jasmine is starting her first violin lesson on Tuesday!

I have more photos to upload soon, I have been sick all week so this is as far as I have got!