August 3, 2012

Adoption Vladivostok "2nd time lucky"?

Well, ALL and I do mean ALL of our adoption paper work is expiring this month in Russia, so we have started at the beginning with it all, getting all the documents ready, notarizing, and of course hoping they arrive on time.  We have adopted from China before, but paper work for a Russian adoption is a whole other story.  

It feels surreal being back at the beginning of the process again.  It has been nearly a whole year since we meet the boys we were meant to adopt, and then lost.  Hard to believe where the time has gone.   We are hoping to hear good news soon, have been saying that for a while now.  We are in a really good place, but it is hard waiting, it has been soooo long, and we are really excited to be adopting again.  So many families who were a few months behind us in the process have returned with their children, and we are still patiently waiting :).   I love seeing all those gorgeous kids coming home to their families, and watching them blossom after only a month or two.  This was our little girl when we meet her and then a month later.  So love seeing their little personalities coming out.

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Tracy said...

I think of you often. Hoping and praying the right referral comes soon.