March 12, 2013

6 weeks home

Just an update on Little Mr A.  It is hard to believe after all the waiting and ups and downs of the 2 year  adoption journey, that he has been home 6 weeks already.

The transition period is always hard on everyone, but he is doing really well all things considered.  He is a completely different child to the one we visited in Russia 3 times.  He didn't really make noise and was really scared and shut down.  We thought we were getting a shy introverted child, but NO!
He is really funny, loud as loud, and full of energy.  He is ALL boy, as well as being really affectionate and sweet.

He is starting to believe that food is always available, and isn't so scared of not getting enough to eat.  He doesn't like to be put down at all, but that is slowly improving too.

We are just so happy to have him home.

He likes to pull faces

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