February 23, 2012

More Progress

Well, we are a few days off our court petition heading to Russia.  I am hoping we get a court date soon, I am so missing those little boys.   We will possibly only get one visit with the boys when we go back for our next trip (trip #2).  Then 30 days after court we will be heading back to Russia pick them up (trip #3).  So now that it is getting close we are all getting very excited.
We have not had any update on the boys since we visited them in Oct/Nov, so we are wondering how much they have grown and if they are walking yet.

We still find it such a shame that because of the law change in January, we have the 3rd trip on top of everything, we were expecting to take the boys home on trip 2.  But I also know that one day it will all be a distant memory and they will be home.

Vladivostok is still in winter, at temperatures most New Zealanders would never have experienced, so we maybe in for a bit of a shock with the weather side of the next trip.  Be a great time to see Russia.

I have had a few people offer to help financially, and I have finally got around to setting up a "Chip In"  donations place on the blog.  This is for those that are as excited as we are about these boys having a family.  We know that every $5/$10/ etc will help hugely.  So thank you for helping us in this big adventure we are on, and easing the financial load.
To a few friends, I know you don't have paypal, so just email me and I will give you the adoption bank account.


Jude said...

Hi guys, great news that you'll get to see the boys again soon. Shame they won't come back with you this time but as you say one day it'll all be forgotten and you'll have to more precious kids to add to your awesome family. Ummm Ara does have a question for you though... She's wondering when you're going to add some more girls to even up the numbers?

Rachael and Jason said...

Ara is so funny! Just tell her that the girls have outnumbered the boys for a while, so it is their turn, haha.