January 26, 2012

Our Adoption update

Since I can't post photo's until the adoption is finalized I thought this might be ok.  One of our little fella's had a sore finger when we met him, but this is one of them hugging papa.  These photos have become so precious to us during this hard wait.
It is so hard seeing them, where they live, and leaving them there.  I sort of feel like our live is a bit on hold at the moment (apart from getting the house ready before they arrive).  I think about them all the time and miss them so much.  I wish they knew that someone loves them and is trying everything they can to get back to them.

The beginning of this year has bought new challenges to our journey to adopt these kids.  We were already stretched funding it all, and now we have found out that Russia has changed a law that means we either go back there for two more trips or stay over a month in Russia.  (three trips in all) This really means we have to find another eight to ten thousand dollars just for the extra trip, depending on how we do it.

We will do it somehow, these kids need a home and we fell in love with them when we were there.

On a brighter note, we have been asked to prepare more documents, one to apply for our court hearing in Russia, and the other to get all our NZ medicals, X-rays, blood tests done ....... I know you must be thinking, why would I be happy about that?  Well, it just means we are getting closer to going back and those boys joining our family so any progress is good.  We have been waiting for this part since November, so at least there is movement.  I think we maybe only a month or two from the next step, fingers crossed.

Adoption has tough parts to it, but the reward are amazing.


Desert Rose said...

My immediate thoughts are, such a rigmarole for adoption .... to ensure parents are suitable ....... and there is nothing like that for the ordinary Joe Blogs of us who chose to pro-create .........

Corinne said...

We are adopting the second time from Vlad.We hope to have court for one or two in maybe April or so.Our first trip for our soon to be little boy was in early December.Maybe we will have court around the same time. I know the new law makes it so I will make an additional trip since we have a large family and just cannot be away that long.