March 9, 2012

It is starting to feel a little closer

This is just a short update to let you know that our court documents were submitted to the Russian court on Tuesday 6th March.  So we are hoping that we will have a court date really soon.  

What does all this mean in the process:  
Well, as soon as we have our court date, we will be able to travel back to Russia to visit the boys, have an 8 doctor medical, and finally go to court to ask the judge to allow us to be the parents of these two wee boys.  

Once we are approved to adopt them, we will come back home, and return 30 days later to pick them up. They are not allowed to leave the orphanage until the 30 day appeal period is up, and then we can get them both passports to travel back to New Zealand.  

This waiting, waiting, waiting is really hard!  I hope we get a timeframe soon, so they can put us out of our misery.  We just want to bring them home.

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Anonymous said...

You are special people making a difference in children's lives for eternity.