March 13, 2012

Very Grateful

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to the couple of people who have given
Money to help with our journey to bring these Little boys home.  
Some of the funds have been put in to an adoption bank account so wont 
show up on the "chip in" counter, but last week we had about $1900 nzd given.
One family are missionaries, so really not made of money themselves, 
but really wanted to help.  

I fell really grateful, that people are so with us in this huge, scary, wonderful, adventure, we are on. 
I have had lots of other people help in other ways which is just as wonderful.  
My lovely hairdresser charges me silly prices to help, and pays for my coffee when we go out!  
The lawyer we use to get all the stack of documents notarized has been amazing, 
given the amount of times we have been to him.  Usually it is $80 for a one page
and the last couple of visits have been about 20 pages each, and he has charged
me only $75 for the bundle!!
I have other stories of similar stories,  and at this point every little bit helps.

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Catherine said...

Oh I'm so glad! I'll keep praying and if I think of anything new I'll let you know. Cat x