September 27, 2007

Cousins and Trees

Two days ago the kids second cousins arrived to stay with us for a week of the holidays. My kids were pestering me ALL day about when they were going to arrive.
Well it was fun from the moment they walked in the door. Sarah Jane was delighted that we have no carpet and a huge hallway. She found the slipperiest socks she could and was 'ice skating' for the first day. I am sure she will have bruises!

The huge trees that surround our boundary and block out summer sun right on BBQ time are being cut down. This has been treat fun for the kids watching them coming down and when the workers are on a break they get to explore some of the safer ones not yet cut.

Daniel is so patient! Jasmine has found a new best friend and it is him! She loves him, and he doesn't seem too worried about it, always giving her horsey rides and playing games with her.

Well off to keep watch, enjoy!

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