November 21, 2011

Back from Russia

I only have 5 minutes to write this, but if I don't do it now I will never find the time.
We have been back from Russia 2 weeks today.  It feels like a long time ago we were there, but feels like only yesterday I held my 2 son's in my arms and said goodbye.
I think I cried most of the way home on and off.  It was a horrible feeling, one I knew going in to this would be hard, but you really never know until you face it.
One of our boys "Mr A" was smiley from the start, and made games with us as soon as he could.  He is active and has a sense of humor.  He did get quieter as the week went on, especially being sick.  "Mr I" his brother was very serious for the first couple of days and we never saw a smile until day 3. Well, that melted our hearts until day 4 when we new we had to say goodbye, but we knew he would think we would be back again tomorrow.  He crawled over to 'his papa to be', lay on his chest and rubbed his face.  It made us happy and sad, you kind of feel like you have tricked them in a way.
We thought we would be back to get them in 2-3 months, but have now been told it is more like 4-5 months.
It is so hard when you see how they are living, the caregiver is crying because she is grateful they will be out of there soon, and you can't speed things up.
So we are happy and sad, and can't wait to go and bring them home, they are not well and need some good food, love and sunshine.

Train station

I will add more photos when I have time, I wish I could show pictures of the boys, but you will have to wait till after court on our second trip, until then, their identities are secret according to Russian law.
Hospital where they live

A church in Vladivostok

Hospital entrance

Train station

Vlad Inn where we stayed

Outside Nakhodka city where the boys live




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