June 3, 2012

Birthday Fun, and JUST LOTS of waiting............

Been a bit slack updating my blog lately, but since I am getting lots and lots of questions about what is happening with our adoption, I thought it was high time I wrote something :)

The good first:

In amongst all the sad parts of the last two months (loosing our boys), there have been very fun family times, and two birthdays.
Jasmine turned 9 and Jason....Well I'm not allowed to say.

We took the family up to Auckland for a long weekend to have some birthday fun, at Rainbows End and the Zoo etc.  We are still tired, :)

Daddy and his 2 girls


trying to soak each other

Our family almost used up all the boats


Waiting....... is the word that best describes how that is going.  We are finding it really hard to understand why it is taking so long for us to receive another referral from Russia.
We have three friends who lost children after their first trips and received referrals the day after, so for us waiting this long seems excessive.
We are aware there are children there that appear to match our profile.  Is it really hard, not being told anything, and not having any idea what is going on.
So the whole situation is pretty sad and disheartening for our family.  We were so looking forward to adopting again.
There was an update of 'our boys' on the internet this week with their new family, which is so hard to see.  That would have been us home with them, but instead we are still in this process with no answers and no child.
So all in all we know as much as you .. nothing.  I so hope we have some good news soon.  It is 7 months since our first trip to Russia.

Our second oldest

Birthday Girl turns 9

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