June 24, 2011

Before and After

 It is amazing sometimes to look back at Jasmine before she found her family....us.  I can not imagine our little monkey not being in our family.  I just love all the funny things she come out with, we are always laughing at something.   One of my personal favorites was: "hey mum we can use those banana's to make blueberry muffins".
Jasmine is very impatient to have another adopted child in our family, and we are also requesting an asian child again.  Eastern Russia has a large asian population.  Fingers crossed.


Danielle Gordon said...

Hey Rachael - So cool to catch up on your news, excited for you and looking forward to following your journey! Have you specified an age range? xx

Rachael and Jason said...

We are really really hoping we will actually have the money though! Bit scary. We have specified 0-7yrs.