June 18, 2011

The never ending adoption paper trail

The paper work is never ending with an adoption.  This time we only had to update our paper work but it seems like we started from the beginning.   The process is one that is sometimes hard to stick with, it is all about patience, something I have not been blessed with! :) But we know after adopting Jasmine that it will all be worth it one day. I think because of having Biological kids as well, you realize how easy that decision is, but with an adoption, you have no choice but to follow the process, no matter how invasive it is.  Jasmine even got asked in her interview(yes the kids get interviewed too) if she realized she would have to share toys and other special things?  I thought all parents wanted their children to have this quality not look at it like it is negative?  
This time around we were also required to see a Psychologist. { For three hours it will cost us $1000. }  Every country has different requirements and this is Russia's.  
It is weird to think that the child we will call ours one day is already born and somewhere out there, I hope safe and loved.   
We are at the stage now that hopefully in two weeks our paperwork will arrive at our National office ready to have a sign off.  Then it goes to the adoption agency here, and they will send it all off to Vladivostok, Russia.  The wait is anyones guess.  

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